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You’re tired of drowning in tutorials figuring out the HOW.

You’re battling to generate leads and sales from your digital marketing.

You’re frustrated with your lack of engagement on social media.

Can’t see the benefit of blogging and creating endless amounts of content.

Hello, we’re Digital Marketing Made Easy and we’ve got you covered!

We can help you with ALL of the above, taking you from frustrated to flying within your timescales.

How? Through working 1:1, understanding your objectives and desired outcomes we can create a custom plan and help with the implementation so you’re not on your own, and hold you accountable for the action steps.

How else? Through Online Digital Marketing Courses that teach you the how, step by step and at your own pace.

Book onto a free discovery call with me, Cat, and let’s blow this thing wide open!

Online courses, 1:1 Support, Consultancy, Group Workshops

You're not on your own, we've got your back

As well as online digital marketing courses, we love nothing more than a good old natter (in a constructive way of course) so we offer 1-2-1 support, consultancy and group workshops.

100’s of Courses

Accessible, affordable – easy

We have created 100’s of easy to follow courses that guide you through everything you need to know about getting your Digital Marketing Strategy up and running so you can start generating sales and leads online. Delivered in a Pay As You Go style, simply select the stage that you’re at right now and work your way through the course to achieve your goal. No waffle, no fluff, no BS – just straightforward videos and workbooks for you to work through in as little as 1 hour per week.

Building Digital Sales Funnels

Building an effective Digital Sales Funnel is key to success! This course shows you the how – from creating an opt in to converting an anonymous website viewer into a lead then a customer and how to keep them coming back for more.

Social Media Made Easy

Learn how to create a social media strategy in as little as 15 minutes per day. Find out which channels you should be focusing on and why, how to find your ideal client online and build a robust strategy for the month, quarter and year! This course will save you oodles of time and get rid of any frustrations as well as delivering sales and leads.

*Coming Soon* Blog Like A Pro

Learn how to create blog posts that make you stand out as an authority and that will have the media flocking to you and so many collaboration opportunities you’ll be spoilt for choice!

*Coming Soon* Persuasive Copy

Just what makes someone click that link, buy your stuff or find out more? We delve deep into the science and techniques behind it and share how to write persuasive copy that connects emotionally and is action driven.

*Coming Soon* Content Marketing

From blogs to social updates, we show you how to create beautiful graphics, use videos, write blog posts and how to guest post to extend your reach and influence. Plus we’ll show you how to create a content calendar so you never run out of ideas.

*Coming Soon* Build A Digital Marketing Strategy

You have the tools, you’re now perfectly capable and confident, let’s build that strategy together. This combines all of our fantastic Digital Marketing online Courses that you can work through at your own pace.


Got a few questions, huh? We’ll try our best to answer them here but you can always jump into the Facebook Group if you have more.


How do I access the courses?

All our courses are on a  pay-as-you-go basis as our market research showed us that’s what people want!  We may open a membership site too but we will let you when that happens. Each of the courses are delivered via Teachable. Once you decide on the course for you you’ll be taken to Teachable to make your purchase and access the course.


What format will the courses be in?

We aim to make the courses as easy to use as possible so we’re using Teachable as our delivery partner. Once you purchase a course you will be able to access the in depth video tutorials and comprehensive, easy to follow PDF workbooks, nothing more complex than that. You’ll simply purchase the course you need and the content will be instantly available to watch and/or download online.


I'm a bit of technophobe, can you help?

Of course we can, we’re friends! You can access 1-2-1 online support by contacting us directly via the website and if you need more in depth help and ask really nicely (and provide cat treats) we’ll arrange a Skype / Zoom chat with you. There may be an additional charge for this but we can discuss that once we know what your issue is.


Tell me about the price

We’re glad you asked this – it’s always an awkward topic of conversation so we make it easy. The courses will range in price depending on the length and complexity. Prices will start at £55 and range no higher than £95. We do occasionally run promotions with reduced price courses so keep checking back for info, or sign up to the mailing list below.


Who's behind all these shenanigans?

Erm, that will be me – Cat, founder of Herding Cats Digital. But enough about me, tell me about you? If you want to get in touch then please do drop me an email [email protected] or catch me over in the Facebook group.

Free Courses

Because we love you already, we’d like to give you some courses for free, nil, nada, zilch 😀 You can also access our free training in the Facebook Group. Go on, take a look. It really is free..

Premium Courses

All of our Premium Courses have been tried and tested independently so you can be certain that the content is absolutely what you are looking for. We also update them regularly to make sure the content is current and up to date.