I’m Cat

Digital Marketing Expert & Head of Words

Work with me to build your business around the life you love to live


Free 20 – 30 minute chat to find out more about each other, how we might be able to work together.
I believe there has to be a connection, a shared vision on where you want to go and how I’m going to enable you to get there. This short discovery call is to find out if we’re a good fit and to see if we would work well together. 

Is 1:1 support right for me?

Being an entrepreneur is HARD! There is so much to take into account, and all you really want to do is get on with it and do what you’re good at. BUT you know you need a website, or your existing one needs to be working harder. Perhaps you have a social media presence but it’s sucking the life out of you and don’t even get you started on having to constantly create, edit, think of and plan content!

Hey, it’s OK – that’s exactly what 1:1 Support is all about. The first session is Free, just book an appointment, let’s have a chat and see where it takes us. 

I have so many ideas I don't know where to start

Then let me help you! Talk to someone who has been there, done that, bought the domain and changed her mind!

In our initial discovery call we’ll really thrash things out, uncover where the revenue streams are and how we can turn those ideas into a sustainable, successful business.

I'm new to the online world, I haven't a clue what to do!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and your starting point is right here! Marketing your business online really doesn’t have to be that complicated – you’ve probably got enough going on without having to worry about how to build landing pages and sales funnels. That’s where I can step in and help by either doing it for you, or teaching you how.

I'm not technically minded, it's all gobbledygook to me.

If it’s someone to teach you the How then I’m your girl! I have Digital Marketing Courses available if you want to work at your own pace, or I can work with you 1:1, set goals and be your accountability partner (read hand holding) to get you on your way.

Do you offer an ad-hoc service?

Yes, absolutely. To give you an idea I can offer building sales funnels, landing pages, copywriting, email marketing and auto sequences as an ad-hoc service but I do like to chat before undertaking any work so I can fully understand your intended outcomes. I can also work to either an hourly rate or a fixed price package, again we can discuss budgets in our initial call.