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Welcome to the blog. Well, we say blog but really we like to think of it as a lounge, a cafe, a place where you can have a brew, a snack and take 5.

Our content is where entrepreneurs get all the tips, tricks and advice they need on how to market their business online 
so that they can grow a successful business whilst living the life they love. 

Come on in..

How to use Twitter for Business

TWITTER With an estimated 12.6 million UK-based users, Twitter may not be the biggest social media platform, but it is the platform where SME's can connect with their audience in real time, and according to research by eMarketer ninety-three percent of the users who...

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Top Tips for Instagram

Instagram has over 500 million active users so if you're not getting the engagement then it's not surprising! But what can you do break through the noise and rise about the crowd? Here are my top tips to help you grow your Instagram following. Your profile Is it...

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How to create the perfect blog post

It's something that's puzzled bloggers since time began, that great untold secret of just what makes up the perfect blog post. Or maybe not! So this isn't based on any scientific fact, just on my experience as a blogger. This format has worked for me, and if you...

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